Lovely Table Setting Ideas using Embroidered Table Cloths

Are you entertaining special guests for dinner? Just as important as the serving utensils, platters and serving dishes are the tabletop accents. So bring out the silverware, glasses, and embroidered table cloths. The best dressed table won’t be complete without a nice table cloth. Entertain your dinner party guests in style using a lovely sheer organza embroidered table cloth with tasteful accents. There are so many wonderful table cloth options that are great for personal use or as gifts. If you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary, set a romantic mood with an elegant candle holder, plain white linen napkins knotted with a silver ribbon, quality silverware, and white damask or linen table cloth embroidered with gold.

A table cloth serves both practical and aesthetic purposes. You wouldn’t want your prized wooden dining table scratched by knives or marred by liquid drops, especially when visiting family members with kids in tow drop by to dine. There are so many appealing designs of embroidered table cloths to choose from, and some of the most beautiful and unique selections can be viewed online. Floral lace table cloths, for example, can add zing to a table setting. A pretty crochet table cloth with rose embroidery is also terrific for family gatherings. When you are throwing a dinner party for friends, colleagues or the boss and his spouse, colorful cotton table cloths with elegant embroidery to suit the room’s theme and other tableware will be pleasing to the eye. Your embroidered table cloth may come with simple but lovely patterns like a rose garden, or gold bows, or some other tasteful design. Or you may opt to use a vintage or antique linen damask table cloth. You may go for a modern table cloth, but make sure that it matches your dishes. If your dishes have an intricate pattern, create a pleasing contrast with a simple white lace table cloth. It’s also important to consider the size and shape of your table.

If you’re preparing a romantic candlelight dinner for two at home, a white embroidered table cloth in cotton, with detailing like a Venetian-style openwork lace can be perfect. The table cloth should match the size and shape of your table. It’ll also be nice to see one which reflects the occasion. If it’s Halloween, there are table cloths with cheery pumpkin designs. Make yuletide dinners come alive with table settings that include a table cloth with Santas and other embroidered holiday designs, like little sprigs of holly. For a formal dinner, you wouldn’t go wrong with an Italian linen table cloth. If you’re setting a table for two out in your garden, you can choose a gorgeous linen table cloth in natural beige with matching napkins with pretty embroidered dots. You can go classy, funky, or whimsical, depending on the personality of your special guest. You may opt to create a simple but intimate mood using unadorned plates but focus on the accessories, like a fringed shawl table cloth, fresh flowers, and candles or paper lanterns.