Cool Toddler Beds Collection On EBay!

All children wherever both men and women always want to have the bedrooms are modern and beautiful. They will try to ask their parents for making her bedroom as you wish and choice. Usually, children prefer the design of the bedroom with his favorite cartoon heroes theme, or themes that are of his favorite sports. Parents always want to give the best for their children. Although it was very expensive, which is important the child can be happy and feel happy with having a cool toddler beds.

Choosing the right bed and mattress for your little one requires careful consideration to ensure a peaceful sleep every night. Beds and mattresses for children are available at Pottery Barn Kids in numerous materials and shapes, and parents can choose from a multitude of mattresses that can give their bundles of joy all the comfort they need while growing up. Once you have chosen the perfect bed, opt for coordinating headboards and footboards to create a cohesive design. Many beds for toddlers and older children come in white painted wood so they are easy to pair with the existent furniture in the room. Alternatively, parents can opt for pastel or vibrant colors, such as pale pink, coral or light blue, to bring a touch of joy to their children's room.


Do you want crib bedding for girls, boys, or something more neutral? There are plenty of options no matter which way you want to go, but this is one thing to keep in mind while you shop. Additionally, if you have a particular theme in mind that is more fitting for girls or boys in particular, then you may find matching sheets, crib skirts, and even bumpers. Or, go with solid colors or similar patterns, like chevron, to mix and match to keep the nursery looking fresh and fun.

So…I know it's 2 years later. And I see that your blog post is not there. 🙁 So on the off chance that you see this, Andria, could you give me your adjusted dimensions, pretty please? I need to make a couple of these STAT for my currently-sleeping-on-the-floor-because-they're-too-little-for-bunks twins. (Their room is too small for two twin beds – I'm not just mean. lol) I just want to be sure the dimensions are correct since we already have crib mattresses. Thanks!

I didn't include the price of the mattress in the project because most people in need of a toddler bed will already have a crib size mattress from their crib. If you do plan to use a standard crib mattress, you'll need to make adjustments to the size of the base. Standard crib mattresses are 52″ x 26″, which will be a bit too big for this base. But be sure to measure the mattress you own. They vary