Set of rules to follow when buying mismatched dresses for your Bridesmaid!

Gone are the days when every bridesmaid wears the same dress! This is the era where the styles of bridesmaid dresses have come a long way in the past few years. This is the era where brides like to mix and match and make their maids look appealing with all the different styles, colors and fabrics to make the process more fun and interesting. This is a process which enables each maid to look at her best in the style that perfectly suits her.


The length of the dress

No matter what style you prefer or choose for your maids all you need to ensure is that that you keep the length of all the dresses same. This is because it would look pleasant to see the different styles in the same length. If you try to mix the lengths then, you won’t be able to maintain a desired cohesive look.

Try to go for limited variations

It would be great if you only go for two to three variations in the features of the dress you are willing to select for your maids. You can see which change would suit best among all the maids and then choose accordingly. For example same color but different neckline and fabric.

Choose among plenty of color options

Although the trend of wearing dresses of different colors is very popular these days but, you need to choose from the options that the designer of Bridesmaid dresses in Melbourne has to offer. So, it is quite a decision to choose which colors would contrast well with each other and if the combination would look pleasant for the wedding!