Trekking in Osmeña peak to Kawasan Falls

Day by day, countless numbers and a consistent increase in tourist visit in the areas of Cebu’s south. They come in day in and out enjoying all the amenities and activities provided during their day tour. Change is inevitable and it is noticeable that this day, tourists and or travelers are more active and more adventurous often wanted a tour with so much activity during the day. Although Cebu has the best open sea or water wherein its marine eco system is very well sought after by tourists, landforms are pretty inviting as well and the province has a lot to showcase when it comes to natural land formations.

An osmeña peak to kawasan falls or trek is a perfect example of an activity that’ll test their physique and tolerance while going through a series of challenges on their way. Traveling on foot will get them closer to Mother Nature and embrace more on the things that are surrounding them. Local tourists are available at their disposal to guide them, provide them safety and convenience as well while they will get a little history on the things that they are ought to know on both areas and or their tour. An activity worth experiencing and doing only located in the province of Cebu.