8 healthy foods you should eat everyday

A healthy diet is an essential part of life. It not only keeps you slim but also strengthens your immune system. I created a list of everyday food item that you will guide you to the weight loss process.

It is covered in depth by 3 week diet food list. It helps you follow a scientifically proven plan that helps you lose weight easily and safely. Here is a list of 8 healthy food items:

Dark Chocolate – Though you might have heard that chocolate has bad effect on health but dark chocolate is opposite. It increases you metabolism rate enough to keep burning those fats.

Walnuts – A handful amount is healthy and helps in losing weight

Eggs – Breakfast with eggs is a protein enriched item and helps you lose weight significantly

Yogurt – Improves your immune system and boosts metabolism rate

Apple – As they say, an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

Oranges – High amount of vitamin C will improve health overall and helps in weight loss like all other fruits.

Fish – It is one of the healthiest and whole food items. It is a great alternative for meat and helps you lose weight quickly.

Salad – Especially eating cucumbers and tomatoes because it has low amount of calories and can be burned off quickly.