The importance of carbohydrates

You might not always be able to benefit from a low carb diet. Nine times out of ten fitness experts assume strength training plus a low carb diet is a getaway to a lean and fit body. However, for some people following a low carbohydrate diet might not go as planned.

You might end up experiencing fatigue after your intense or even moderate workout sessions. It’s a sign that you are not providing your body with the nutrition it needs. If you continue to experience fatigue after your workout sessions or even doing your normal chores, then it’s definitely time to add back foods rich in carbohydrates. WiseJug has the perfect carb-licious recipes for you to fuel your body with the energy it requires.

When you workout you burn your body fat for energy, this process produces ketones. The ketone molecules along with sodium are excreted out of the system through urine. This can cause a fair amount of dehydration in the body and dehydration often results in headaches. Therefore, the fat in your body should not be the only source of energy for it to function; a reasonable intake of carbs is also recommended.

Carbohydrates also help in fighting illnesses as they promote the production of antibodies. Hence, you might get more frequently sick than you like be which in return can affect your weight loss progress; you need to be healthy to hit those machines at the gym.