Top 3 Malaysian Entrees

Malaysian cuisine is one of the finest and is known all over the world. Malaysia is considered one of the best destinations to satisfy culinary cravings. The food here is a mixture of Indian and Chinese cuisines. Below are some of the Malaysian dishes that you can get during your Sandakan city tour:

Courtesy: fabulousfoodie

1. Roti Canai

This dish is made from thin dough that is cooked to form a pastry similar to bread. This pastry is eaten with a fragrant curry and is full of flavors. It can be eaten at any time during the day but locals use it as a breakfast meal with a cup of tea which is known as the Tarik in Malay language. 

2. Chili Pan Mee

This Malay dish consists of freshly made noodles mixed with several different ingredients like pork mince, half poached egg, sprinkled green onions and fried garlic. It is served with dried flaky chili sauce which makes the dish extraordinary flavor wise. It is considered one of the best Malaysian dishes due to its unique blend of flavors.

3. Malaysian Satay

This dish is mostly made from chicken or beef meat. The meat is first marinated in fresh herbs, salt and spices. Then it is barbecued lightly and is served with a tangy peanut sauce. The sauce melts in the mouth and gives flavor to the dish. It is one of the most popular local dishes and can be found in any market.

Above mentioned are a few popular Malaysian entrées that are easily available in all cities.