The Importance Of Cardio

When people who are overweight start their weight loss journey, they are told by every expert that they need to increase their cardio before anything else. Sometimes even those who are looking to tone up need to cardio. This is the very reason why every program released by a professional trainer or a Thailand Fitness Retreat shows several cardio drills before any other aspect. If you are wondering why your diet hasn’t helped you lose the fat yet, the reason is probably the lack of a cardio sets in your routine.

Courtesy-Skinny Ms

If you are wondering why this is so important, here is why:

  1. Before you begin losing weight, you have to know that a cardio routine is highly beneficial for your heart. When your heart rate increases, so does the blood flow and this maintains a healthy heart in the long run.
  2. When the above happens, your metabolism also increases as a result. This means that bodily processes, such as fat burning are also happening at a heightened rate.
  3. Some hormones in the body are required for fat loss. Cardio ensures their production is happening at the optimal rate and that is why cardio is directly proportional to fat loss.
  4. Cardio targets your entire body. Unlike area specific workouts, cardio routines targets areas that you feel are fat but cannot see. It reduces facial fat, arm fat and makes stiff all the jelly like areas. This is something only a cardio routine can do.

So if you have been avoiding doing cardio, stop now and turn the music up to bring that heart rate up and the fat levels down.