Uncover The Top Companies That Specialize In Theater Makeup

Nowadays, there are various industries and companies that have achieved success through their products and services. An industry that continues to grow and has branched off into various other applications is the beautification industry. In the past, companies that focus in this often focused more on beautification and cosmetics.

At present day, they have made the transition into various other projects as well. For instance, they have now branched off into the special effects industry. This includes creating creative costumes and special effects for improving a show, performance, or a movie. In line with this, the succeeding paragraphs will be relaying the top companies which focus on theater makeup.

The Mehron Supplies Corporation is a company that specializes in this and is located in New York. Their base headquarters is located there, but they constantly travel when a client has enlisted them and the project is worth it. In fact, they are best known for providing special FX when it comes to performances, Halloween events, and even clowning. These professionals are certainly considered one of the best.

Ben Nye is a popular brand and the name itself comes from its founder, Ben Nye. One may purchase their long line of cosmetic products or enlist them for their work. These professionals are currently located in Los Angeles, California. These people are the ideal choice for those looking for a fun way to apply cosmetics. They also have FX kits for clients and are arranged by color palette and purpose.

Kryolan Professional is another one located in California but in the city of San Francisco. This is a multimillion international company, which means that their products and services are available in multiple languages. In fact, they have numerous products available, including Derma color, High Definition, Aquacolor, Kryolan Range, and so on. They also have things like tutorial DVDs, chairs, accessories, and many more.

The Graftobian Company has been around for a while now and is located in Madison in the state of Wisconsin. They specialize in items including High Definition, Fantasy, Halloween and Theatrical make up, and even professional airbrush cosmetics. For those looking for a cheaper price, this is the best option because they offer cheaper rates compared to others on this list.

Face Atelier has numerous branches across the world. The agency was catapulted into the limelight when they had international celebrity clients, such as Lady Gaga and Fergie, who are both popular and influential pop star today. Lady Gaga in particular is known for creating crazy sketches and having all sorts of effects on herself and her backup dancers or crew. Face Atelier has been capable of keeping up with all this creativity, making them a force to be reckoned with.

International Fun Ship is primarily based in Seabrook Texas but caters to clients across the globe. It has been around for a long time now and still capable of keeping up with current trends and even setting their own. It is most well known for catering to clients like Ben Nye, Magicake, and Graftobian. They also specialize in creating latex wounds that are prosthetic, most commonly seen in horror films like ones that involve zombies.

All in all, these are the various companies that specialize in this regard. By being aware of all this, you can choose for yourself on which is the better option. Having a wide range of choices will help in determining which one best suits your needs.