Ways to Cook Shoulder Steak

There are different cuts of beef meat and each type of cut has different qualities. Each cut is used to cook various types of recipes. Some cuts have a high content of fat while others are low in fat. One of the most popular cuts used for making steaks is the shoulder cut. Following are a few different ways you can cook your shoulder cut steak:

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1. Braising

The best way to thoroughly cook a shoulder steak is to braise it. The method of braising includes cooking the piece of meat in a small quantity of fat, adding broth or water and then covering it up and leaving it to cook on low flame. You can add different vegetables, herbs and seasonings to add nutritional value and flavour to the meat.

2. Grilling

Another common way people cook shoulder steak is by grilling it. To grill meat, you need to marinate it and leave it for some time, preferably 6 hours to 24 hours so that the meat can become tender and absorb the flavour. Most people use various types of herbs like oregano, basil, parsley and so on, with some lemon and vinegar for marination. It is also preferable to use a meat tenderizer for the best results. If you do not want to use a tenderizer, you can use raw papaya as tenderizer.

3. Stewing

For make a stew of shoulder steak you need to have chopped pieces of meat which you can get from meat home delivery Sydney. You need to cook the meat in little oil until it is brown and then add your choice of seasonings and vegetables. For the best results, you need to cook it on slow flame for almost 7 minutes before adding thickener to the stew. You can thicken the stew by adding in corn-starch and water.

You can also broil it. It is another low-fat method of cooking beef shoulder meat.