Types Of Tech Swimsuits


Tech swimsuits are worn by professional swimmers in local and international swimming competitions and water sports. These suits provide the minimum amount of resistance while in the water and are specially constructed from fabrics which allow very low resistance.

Swimwear in Australia consists of special varieties and types of tech swimsuits to facilitate the athletes, while they are in the water. These types of swimsuits include:

1. Body-skin

Worn by both male and female scuba divers; body-skin is a kind of a professional swimsuit stretching all the way from the ankles to the shoulders and the arms, till the wrists. They provide the best coverage and are engineered to decrease resistance in the water.

2. Knee-skin

Almost like the body-skin; knee-skin is also a special kind of swimsuit, constructed from nylon which is stretchable and allows more resistance. The only difference between knee-skin and body-skin is that the former stretches only till the knees.

3. Briefs

Briefs are worn by men, which resembles men’s shorts or underwear. They are also worn in competitive swimming and diving, manufactured mostly from lycra, a type of stretchable fabric which is resistance free in water.

4. Racer-back

A type of swimsuit for professional female swimmers; racer-back’s design comprises of an empty top-back, allowing flexibility and speed during swimming.

5. Leg-skin

Leg-skin is worn by male swimmers, which covers the entire leg, from mid waste till the knees. It allows better arm movements in the water.

6. Jammer

Worn by male swimmers, jammers almost look like tights which stretch till the knees, somewhat resembling the cycling shorts, to obtain speed in the water. They are also constructed from lycra to allow maximum stretch and minimize drag in the water.

Always choose your technical swimsuit wisely, since your performance also depends on the type of swimsuit you wear.